Process Controller PEK


Process Controller PEK

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PEK is a system adapted for use with ESAB’s automatic power sources LAF 631/1001/1251/1601, TAF 801/1251, and Aristo® 1000 AC/DC. The control system is connected to the power source via a control cable and incorporates a CAN bus system for data transfer.

PEK can also be used as a motion controller to integrate other power sources for mechanisation and automation.

The control system is easy to use thanks to its clear text menu. Users can choose between a large number of different languages. The large display keeps the user informed about the main parameters including current, voltage and travel speed. Parameter sets can be given names for easier assignment.. Five soft keys can be configured according to individual preferences. PEK supports your system’s maintenance and keeps track of its use.

ESAB standard motors and travel axis can be selected from a list, and other motors can be programmed manually.

PEK can easily be pre-set by the user. Manual control keys for wire feed and travel direction allow fast access to frequent settings. Turn knobs allow easy adjustment of wire feed speed, voltage and travel speed during the process.

Additional functionality
More functions are available by adding an external analogue or digital interface.

Welding parameter limits
PEK allows defined limits for the settings and the measured parameters. The welder will be alerted if the weld parameters are outside the allowed limits.

Makes welding safer and easier
A USB slot enables users to file all settings and configurations. Restore your valuable production data within minutes. Security is provided by three-level user accounts. Users can also transfer welding parameters between other PEK units.

Emergency stop button
The emergency stop button can also be used in an extended E-stop chain.


  • Supports SAW, ESSC, Carbon Arc Gouging and GMAW (limited) processes
  • Pre-setting of all welding parameters (total of 255 sets)
  • Programmable sequential welding (distance measuring via encoder feed back)
  • Heat input visible on display
  • High resolution encoder feed-back from (wire feed and motion control)
  • Internal USB for data backup and external USB for system upgrades and transferring welding parameters between PEK units
  • Programmable I/O controlled pattern for wire cladding
  • Motion control of 2-axis as stand alone unit
  • WeldCloud enabled via Ethernet


Speeds and Temperatures

Käyttölämpötila 59 - 113 °F
Käyttölämpötila -15 - +45 °C
Suhteellinen kosteus 98 %
Hitsausnopeus 4-79 in./min
Hitsausnopeus 0.1-2.0 m/min
Langansyöttönopeus 12-984 in./min
Langansyöttönopeus 0.3-25 m/min


Kotelointiluokka IP23

Power Requirements and Connections

Liitäntäteho max 900 VA
Connection Type to Power Source Burndy 12-p
Liitäntäjännite virtalähteestä 42V AC, 50/60 Hz
Kotelointiluokka IP23
Moottorikytkentä sovitettu, A2 and A6 connection of 2 motors, current 6A cont, max 10A
Standardit StandardsEN-60974-1, EN-60974-10
Venttiilin lähtö 1pc, 42 V AC, 0.5A

Weights and Dimensions

Korkeus 11 in.
Korkeus 273 mm
Pituus 7 in.
Pituus 246 mm
Paino 14.5 lb
Paino 6.6 kg
Leveys 9.25 in.
Leveys 235 mm

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