CaB System 600M


CaB System 600M

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Flexible, Modular Column and Booms


ESAB offers a totally integrated solution including welding process, manipulator movement as well as control of third axis products like the ESAB roller beds or positioners

  • Modular design concept allows total customization using standard components
  • Large selection of available components to integrate for a custom solution:
  • A variety of welding heads for SAW but also GMAW and GTAW
  • A complete range of rectifiers, transformers and inverter based power sources
  • The welding process is controlled from ESAB PEK or a PLC system
  • ESAB flux feeding and recovery systems
  • Monitoring systems and cameras
  • Choose from stationary or mobile, rail-travelling carriage systems
  • A heavy duty type CaB ranging up to 11x10 meter
  • All types of weld heads including strip cladding
  • Customized solutions with combination of fixed and movable heads to allow parallel fillet welding

Speeds and Capacities

Nostonopeus 2.0 m/min (79 in./min)
Transport Speed Boom and Rail Carriage 2.0 m/min (79 in./min)
Malli 6m (20ft)
Malli 7m (23ft)
Malli 8m (26ft)


Boom Total Weight 1050 kg (2315 lb)
Malli 6m (20ft)
Qualifier including cables
Boom Total Weight 1165 kg (2568 lb)
Malli 7m (23ft)
Qualifier including cables
Boom Total Weight 1280 kg (2822 lb)
Malli 8m (26ft)
Qualifier including cables
Concrete Stand Total Weight 4250 kg (9370 lb)
Rail Carriage Total Weight 4800 kg (10582 lb)

Extra Info

Standard CaB Sizes
The manipulators are divided into three different sizes 300, 460 and 600. These sizes are the throat~dimensions of the boom in millimeters. Each size has a corresponding column. The different sizes are not~only limited in where it can fit, but also how far the boom can extend and how much load that can be put on.

Performance Categories
The system is divided into three different categories for performance:~S: Standard~Standard mechanical performance, no cable chain~A few options, camera-system, tacho-regulated speed and flux control~Only for Basic station 1~M: Modular~Standard mechanical performance, including cable chain for Columns and Booms~More than 20 options fully integrated, such as tandem, shift function, transport speed etc~Only for Basic station 1~C: Customized~Based on the same mechanical performance as the S- and M- model~Based on the same electrical system as the M- model~Includes everything that is not a S- or M- model such as:~Basic station 2, 3, and 4~Odd sizes (ex. 4.35 m x 5.15 m)~Option demands not offered in S- or M- model.


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