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Engineered for heavy-duty operation under extreme loading conditions, the Numorex™ can be used as a plasma, oxy-fuel or combination plasma-oxy-fuel cutting machine.

The machine’s oversized steel wheels carry its weight effortlessly to ensure smooth movement. The drive system also delivers high acceleration for optimum performance on detail work and small holes.

The Numorex’s key advantage lies in its high degree of automation:

  • Multi-carriage oxy-fuel torches allow simultaneous congruent or mirrored oxy-fuel cutting for high throughput capacity
  • Automatic capacitive height control guarantees a constant height between the plate and the torch ensuring perfect cut quality
  • Automatic proportional valve gas controls make cutting setup fast and easy through the Vision T5’s touch screen interface
  • Individual and automatic flame ignition per carriage eliminates manual ignition
  • Solenoid valves for each carriage automatically reduce gas consumption by switching the torches on and off as needed
  • Automatic flame-check monitoring detects potential ignition failure and automatically restarts the ignition sequence
  • A range of oxy-fuel bevelling heads cover the full scope of bevel angles
  • Various robust and precise plasma bevelling heads are available, allowing cutting of any shape many times faster than the oxy-fuel process.
The Numorex is designed to integrate:
  • Under-water plasma equipment to reduce fumes, noise and ultra-violet emissions
  • Dry plasma units to enable higher productivity
  • Precision plasma for laser-like cut quality
  • Marking tools for powder, punch, arc marker and inkjet marking that allow marks to be produced in fully-automatic mode before cutting




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